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Mark Twain said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” We call this Day2 and we want you to discover yours.

Because we know that everyone was born with a purpose, we want you to live yours! Most people don’t deliberately pursue their purpose and frequently settle for a life that leaves them with a nagging feeling that “something isn’t quite right.”

Maybe you think that the dreams you have are just that, dreams. They aren’t. These are cues to you that life should be much bigger, brighter and better. But how do you get there?

corePurpose is definitely for you!

Did you hope you would one day grow up and be poor? Experience broken relationships? Have a less than satisfying job or career? Of course not! You were born with a PURPOSE that only you can fulfill. You actually have gifts and talents that have positioned you to fulfill your PURPOSE, but you may need some information that will hone your direction in achieving it.

corePurpose is designed to “connect the dots” and give you that “Aha!” moment so you can understand and finally live your Day2 !

YES! corePurpose is for you!

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