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Governments and humanitarian organizations oftentimes are challenged with impoverished, traumatized or marginalized individuals/families becoming trapped in a welfare or handout mindset, frustrating both the giver and the receiver.

The Benefits Model is a crisis model designed to provide relief in times of crisis. However, many recipients of this model find themselves permanently trapped in a system that was created to be a temporary support, not a permanent one. This leads to disillusionment, entitlement, a lack of a future vision for themselves and their families.

Those allocating these benefits can find themselves equally disillusioned at the lack of success from their clients which is disproportionate to the amount of energy, resources and effort they have exerted in attempting to “help” their clients or target group.

The aim and success of corePurpose (formerly called “CrossRoads”) is breaking the cycle of poverty by transitioning those in a Benefits Model lifestyle into the productive and sustainable Investment Model lifestyle.

Join thousands of those who have used corePurpose to achieve the real intent of your mission. Not just temporary help, but sustainable success!

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