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Victoria Jeffs

Founder and Executive Director

If it’s not life changing, it’s not worth it!

After almost a decade of research, Victoria wrote and started teaching how to discover purpose & enjoy quality of life (regardless of economic status). She is convinced that when we invest in individuals and communities (investment versus benefits), people are fulfilled, enjoy quality of life & leave great legacies behind!

Victoria’s flagship program, “CrossRoads: A Journey of Purpose,” unwraps this process and leads people to experience their own “Day2” which provides them with a unique advantage enhancing their personal, professional & community life.

Using the Train the Trainer model, CrossRoads is being taught on 4 continents including the USA; UK, Afghanistan; Pakistan; China; Taiwan; Iraq; India; Hong Kong, Slovakia; Mauritania; Cambodia, Indonesia; Philippines; Bangladesh; & Japan. “CrossRoads” has been translated into 8 languages.

“CrossRoads” is endorsed/funded by the United States Embassy, the United Kingdom Embassy, Norwegian Government, Slovak Government, ETP Slovakia, Slovak Humanitarian Council, LifeLine Projects UK, Hungarian Government, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, US Steel, the State of Colorado, NGO’s, & private organizations.

Her passion for individuals to discover their purpose & impact their communities has led to “CrossRoads” being delivered to High School students, Alternative Schools, Habitat for Humanity clients, Prison Re-entry, Workforce, Veterans, Social Services, Refugee Programs, Educators, Family development, Parenting, PTSD, Business Start-up, Faith organizations, Corporate Leadership & Management.

Victoria’s educational background includes Social Science, with an emphasis in Psychology, Personality Theory and Graduate studies in Leadership Development.